We know everything about advertisement tools.  We know them and we know how to use them - we are here to choose the best ones.  We work for private customers, public institutions and non-governmental organizations.

We like simple forms and thoughtful, creative design. We create corporate identity / key visual / brand hero

We build content, manage social media channels, create a strong brand on the Internet

We know how to use the power of the media. We plan, purchase and carry out campaigns: TV / RADIO / PRESS / CINEMA / OUTDOOR

We create advertising spots, promotional videos, training videos and 2D/3D animations

Our own system for the management of mass events - EVENTRY. We provide technology, equipment and professionals to handle events.

It is a complex process, associated with many difficult questions. #WEKNOW We build well thought out strategies.

We implement our own on-line sales tools / Internet services / mobile apps / games / competitions

We love when our productions bring joy. We provide the best quality. DTP / exhibition stands / gadgets / ambient


We work hard, focused on results. You will never hear “It can’t be done”. We look for original solutions, often acting rapidly and under time pressure. We know that we do this well. 

We will always find the time for a talk. It is important to understand each other! Good communication in the project is a better start.

High. Success means something else for each one of us. That is why it is important to know where we are going. We know the way.

The trick is to identify the best and most efficient tools and use them appropriately. We do not duplicate schemas or use ready-made solutions.

and IT WORKS. #WEKNOW how.